Remote IT Services for Perth Enterprise

We’re always ready to help. At Computer Mechanic, we know that you need the fastest service possible when you experience downtime or a service failure. We always endeavour to be on-site as quickly as possible, but for time-sensitive issues such as an eCommerce site going down or your email or payment server failing, that travel time can represent significant losses. When spend is of the essence, consider the remote IT support from our team.

Get your business working again sooner with our remote IT support

We don’t even need to come to the office. Simply let us know there’s a problem, and using software we’ll install on your system, we can remotely dial into your computers and control them as if we were sitting in the chair. Minimise downtime and get the problem fixed within the day, and sometimes within the hour, meaning your business can get back to full capability sooner. Using the same highly trained technicians as our on-site services, we know you’ll be satisfied with our service.

There’s no need to be concerned about security when you use our remote services. Every support session is encrypted with the latest security technology, ensuring that your precious data stays in the right hands. Any information shared in the process of providing our remote IT services is held in the strictest confidence. Furthermore, you have full view of what we are doing, and the session can be easily terminated at any time. You’ll feel confident working with us.

Consider Computer Mechanics for your managed or remote IT services

Looking to have us in for a once-off install, or regularly for ongoing maintenance and upgrades? Whatever your needs, Computer Mechanic can meet them. Out outsourcing and managed services put our skilled technicians at your disposal for the term of your choosing.

Enquire about our range of services today and get one tailored to your needs. Call our Perth office today on 08 9463 8603 or send us a message via our enquiry form or through email at