23 years of straight advice, quick turnarounds and trouble-shooting

IT Support Perth

We’re Computer Mechanics, specialists in IT support for over 20 years in Perth.

• Know exactly what you’re looking for? Happy to quote for Managed IT services or one-off jobs.
• Do you want regular, but ad-hoc IT support? Here’s how that works.
• Considering us for Managed IT and want to know how we’re different? Go here.

What makes us different?

As a business, as a culture, we’re all about efficient use of time.

We take pride in three things: straight advice, fixing things fast and solving problems.

Our main customers are small to medium-sized businesses who want outsourced IT that is a match for their circumstances rather than being locked-in to a 12 month package. We offer flexible Managed IT where you can change the service offering as you go. And you can walk away with a month’s notice. The real value here is anticipating problems so that your systems become resilient with absolutely minimal downtime.

We’re also happy to work on an ad-hoc basis - it’s slightly riskier because you don’t get ongoing pre-emptive maintenance, but a break/fix strategy or a project-based approach means you’ll save money in the short term.

We are in regular communication with clients and we are pro-active. If for some reason you’re using less hours than we projected, we’ll suggest you reduce the hours. If there’s a way of automating something, we’ll advise it. If something is getting unworkable, we’ll say when you need to replace it.

We’ll tell you if we outsource anything, and we only outsource for expertise, not for cost-savings. If anyone tells you they do everything in-house, ask to speak to their COBOL programmer.

Sometimes, for all sorts of reasons, companies and their IT partner go separate ways. You need to know that if that happens with us, there will be a clean exit. We’ll help with the hand-over and there will be no nasty surprises. That’s important to our reputation and how we view ourselves.

Give us a call if you’d like to talk over a specific problem or decision. That’s a pretty good way to check us out.