Ad-hoc IT Support

If your maintenance is already under control and you just need some one-off support, we can do that on a competitive hourly rate. The advantage is that you only pay for the hours you actually use.

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There are two scenarios.

An efficient option is to buy a fixed number of hours and use them gradually whenever you need them. This agreement can include phone support, remote support, workshop repairs or on-site attendance. It can cover anything at all - network troubleshooting, software fixes or consulting on hardware upgrades, and it will all be at the same hourly rate. This leads to fast turnaround because jobs can be done without additional internal approvals.

You can pay for work after it’s done. This can be on a project basis or pay-as-you-go. Sometimes you don’t know what’s involved until you do some digging - so a portion of the project may need to be at an hourly rate. As soon as we’re in a position to know exactly what’s involved we can quote on a fixed-price project basis.

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Ad-hoc help is appropriate for certain kinds of projects, usually short-term with tight time frames and a clear goal.

Typically, it is cost-effective in these situations:

  • Premises relocation
  • Introduction of new VOIP phone systems
  • Security audits
  • Migrating storage or services to the cloud
  • Adoption of new workflows or technology

Often the difference between success and failure in these projects is the degree of collaboration so we will not be shy on the communication side of things.

Depending on the project, it can be prudent to do a thorough risk assessment before you start. We’ll help you with that.

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