Providing Perth businesses with Managed IT Services

We can be the most use in Managed IT if we get a detailed understanding of your current setup and understand where you’re heading as a business. Then we design a monthly arrangement that gives you what you need, and nothing more.

So first, we have a discussion about what you’re currently doing and what your history is.

Then we do some discovery - we’ll ask you some questions about why you’re doing it that way and in the process you’ll almost certainly get advice you can act on - with or without hiring us. At the end of that process we’ll know enough to be able to quote you for an itemised list of services and you’ll probably know whether you want an ongoing relationship with us.

The advantage of a bespoke contract with Computer Mechanics is that you can adjust your IT service over time, rather than committing to a ‘standard package’. Between the two of us we’ll work out where we can add the most value - purchasing decisions, growth strategies, cost savings, software patching, network monitoring, server upgrades, security improvements, automation or help desk. Ad hoc situations like premises relocation, new VOIP phone systems or migrations to the cloud can be dealt with separately.

Here is a taste of things you may want in your contract - remember that everything is optional.

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    Our 000 service

    Pick up the phone and speak to someone whenever you have a problem. We can make the support level as broad as ‘help us with any software issue’ or as narrow as ‘just network issues’.

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    Network maintenance

    We design network maintenance with maximum automation. We’ll do event logging and monitoring and alert you to any problem; in most cases, before it occurs.

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    Disaster recovery process

    This may include re-designing your backup processes but it will definitely include a regular recovery drill so that you know for sure that whatever happens, you’re covered. If there’s a burglary or natural disaster you don’t want the added stress of ‘will the data recovery work?’

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    Hardware support

    We have a fully-equipped workshop facility. Laptops are fragile and people will insist on drinking coffee near the keyboard. We can draft a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which includes a rapid turnaround service for servers, desktops, laptops and tablets, and regular maintenance programs.

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    Cyber Security

    Our service normally centres on application security and network security, but we can also advise on cloud security and device security (e.g. Internet of Things). You should maintain protection systems against malware, ransomware, viruses and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

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    Policy development

    Do you have a Data Breach Plan? Do you conform to the Privacy and Data Protection Act? We can help develop and implement policy.

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    Website support

    We can host your website, help add content, add marketing automation tools and manage update issues or software conflicts.

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    Password management

    For many small businesses or SMEs this is an ongoing battle. We can help with best practices internally as well as solving lost password issues.

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    Email support

    Spam remediation, adding accounts, managing passwords and security practices.

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