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Providing Perth Businesses with Managed IT Services

Don’t be fooled by companies that offer great packages and excellent deals. They generally sell you things you never need and don’t include those you do.

Give Computer Mechanics a call and find out how we can tailor our IT managed services for you.

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[/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″](08) 9463 8603[/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″]
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Windows PC, Mac, Phones and Tablets

We support all devices including Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers, Apple Desktop and Laptop Computers, Android Phones and Tablets, Apple Phones and Tablets and anything else you can think of.

With our Managed IT Support we look after all your devices and offer unlimited support. Having email issues? Can’t open that file? Maybe your computer is running a bit slow? Just give us a call and we can look into any problem you come across.

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Truly Unlimited Support

Let us take that extra step for you. Our managed IT services deliver truly unlimited support for our clients. If you have any problem, no matter how small or how long it takes to fix, you can call us with the peace of mind that you wont be charged any hidden fees.

We help with basic computer problems including help using the Microsoft Office pack to more serious issues like virus infections and lost data/files. All you need to do is call us when you have a problem and we fix it for you.

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Managed IT Support for Servers

Windows, Mac or Linux. We cover them all. If you have a server based system on your site or need someone to look after one, consider us your best option.

With 20 years of experience dealing with all types of servers in all types of environments, we can offer you the best maintenance plans and can keep your server running so you don’t run into problems and any form of outage that causes you to lose business.

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IT Consultancy

We offer the best IT Management in the city. To do this we assign a dedicated IT Support Consultant to look after your company. Our IT consultancy services can help you make decisions in your company and also recommend the latest and best software or hardware for your needs.

If you plan on expanding soon or you just want to reorganise the way your company currently handles their IT and computer networks, then we can help you. We will build a plan for you network and can help you expand even to other areas in Perth and also to other states as a number of our current clients have already done.

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Don't waste any more time

Give us a call today and let us handle your IT so you can handle your business.

(08) 9463 8603