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Active IT Support

IT Support is something that all companies should invest in. Without steady IT support both large and small companies will struggle to keep up and will slowly run into problems.

But we understand that some companies do not require pro-active support. So we are happy to offer as-you-go IT Support for small and medium businesses.

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Desktop, Mac, Tablet and Smart Phones

We support all devices for all types of different types of applications. From workshop computers to on site laptops and even onsite/offsite servers. With 20 years experience we have dealt with almost every situation you could imagine.

We have specially trained staff to help deal with Windows, Mac and Linux, but also Android and Apple based Tablets and Smart Phones.

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Discounted Rates

Our customers get discounted hours and access to the same great technical support. We have staff on hand to help deal with all sorts of problems,  including Workstations, Remote Laptops and even Servers.

We can help with with problems using software such as Microsoft Office all the way up to a virus infection or hijacking on your computers or network. We have been in business for almost 20 years and look forward to continuing to help small and medium businesses grow.

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Don't waste any more time

Give us a call today and let us handle your IT so you can handle your business.

(08) 9463 8603