VoIP Phone Systems

Get your phone system talking to your computer systems. That’s the reason VoIP has become so popular; it lets you connect your voice calls with SMS messaging, your contacts database and gives you advanced conferencing capabilities. Video meetings, conference calls and webinars become part of your normal workflow, instead of something requiring IT support.

You can have unrestricted video and audio meetings with screen sharing. No time wasted setting up conferences, just pick up the phone.

Our systems include IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality. You have the option of an automated system that screens callers and gathers information before routing them to the correct person or department. Properly done this saves interruptions to key staff and reduces waiting times for customers. It’s important to your business that the IVR is well-designed. For example, how many menus will the caller need to hear before they speak to a live person? Will they be able to skip-ahead? Will they be able to select options from a mobile phone screen? We strongly recommend you don’t try and design the system on your own.

IVR alone offers increased productivity and significant cost savings. Other VoIP features like call recording, SMS integration and voicemail-to-email can improve your workflow.

As a digital IP system, VoIP syncs with any mobile or Internet-based device. It’s ideal for a distributed workforce.

You’ll be able to keep your existing phone numbers and we’ll configure the system to your business set-up. We then install the phones, train your staff in using the system (critical), and manage the system on an on-going basis. That means (1) being available to answer questions from any of your staff and onboarding new employees if necessary and (2) reviewing periodically how well the system is working for callers.

VoIP installations are usually delivered on a project basis though ongoing support would often be via Managed IT.

Our services in VoIP:
  • Custom-designed, feature-rich phone systems
  • Installation and on-going support
  • Multi-level IVR menu design
  • Increased mobility with iOS and Android apps
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Call switching between devices

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